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Rebecca Li:

Class of 2022, California

I have been wrestling for two years and I decided to wrestle because I thought that the sport was a great challenge. Through wrestling, I learned how to be confident on and off the mat and that victory requires lots of sweat and dedication. At school, I like working with STEM, journalism, and reading. During my free time, I love playing card and board games with my friends.

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Zoey Lints:

Class of 2023, New York

I have been wrestling for about 6 years and joined because when introduced to it by my family of wrestlers, I immediately loved it. Wrestling is a unique sport where anything could happen, no matter how good your opponent is. The biggest lesson I learned from female wrestling is that if you really want to reach a goal you have to ignore other people’s negative opinions on you and always do your best. Besides wrestling, I enjoy running, lifting weights, painting, singing and spending time with friends.

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Orianna Morales:

Class of 2021, California

After playing soccer for most of my life, my freshman year I decided to try something new.  That’s when my best friend and I both started wrestling.  Wrestling not only taught me hardwork and discipline, but it helped me with my time management and confidence.  Although us girls didn’t have much support compared to our predominantly male program, we made the best out of it and acquired a deep connection with the sport.  Apart from wrestling, I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, play the violin, and have my own customization business to save money for college next year.

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Aniah Tan:

Class of 2023, Michigan

I joined wrestling last year while I was a freshman, there’s no specific reason I chose wrestling. I didn’t want to play basketball last year and one of my friends asked me if I would join the team with her and I thought it would be interesting so I did. Wrestling has definitely taught me how to work with others better since teamwork is very important in the sport. I’ve also learned to be more confident and believe in myself during matches because if I want it more than my opponent then I can definitely win. I wrestle both boys and girls and I placed 8th in my state last year. Outside of wrestling, I love hanging out with my friends and drawing.

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Bella Heaney

Class of 2023, Minnesota

After playing many different sports, and spending time in the theater, I turned to wrestling. I started because I watched the Olympics and was amazed by what the wrestlers did so I gave it a try. Wrestling has taught me mental toughness, dedication, discipline, as well as perseverance. I wrestle both boys and girls. This year I placed 3rd at Northern Plains in the boys division. I now wrestle at Lourdes University!

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