How to Avoid Getting Ringworm in Wrestling

Bella Heaney

During Practices…

Practicing is by far the best way to improve, but ringworm can cause a pause in practicing leaving you behind your opponents. In order to prevent that there is a 3 step routine you should take every time you step off the mat to leave your skin clear!

  • Wear long sleeves and pants– wearing long sleeves and pants gives less skin for ringworm to form on since ringworm often goes on skin that is not covered by clothing
  • Avoid people with ringworm– if you can see ringworm or something that looks like ringworm on it’s best to avoid them until it goes away.

Step 1

The first thing you should do when you step off of the mat is wipe your skin down with a wipe. This will remove some of the bacteria that causes ringworm. Be sure to wipe down your arms, legs, and any other parts of your body that was in contact with the mats. Defense wipes work really well.

Step 2

Once you get home you should take a shower. Be sure to wash your body with a soap such as defense soap to take the rest of the bacteria from the mats off. Be sure to do this step within an hour of the end of practice.

Step 3

Change your clothes after your shower and wash them before wearing them again!

Best Soaps

  1. Defense Soap
  2. Dial Gold Antibacterial Soap
  3. Remedy Anti fungal soap

Best Wipes

  1. Defense Wipes
  2. Battle Skin Wipes
  3. Mat Guard Wipes


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