How to Survive Wrestling Practice on Your Period

By Katie Cantrell 

A lot of girl wrestlers struggle with their period, especially when competing or in practice. Here are some tips to survive shark week when wrestling!

  • Bring Multiple Pads/Tampons!!!

If you’re not comfortable wearing a tampon, try an overnight thick pad! I know your singlet will look a bit bulky, but it is better than bleeding on your opponent. If your bleeding is too heavy, try considering a tampon!!! 

If you are on a light day, I would suggest that you wear an ultra-light pad. This is because thin pads are less bulky and allow more movement. Whatever your choice is, be prepared and bring extras.

  • Clothes to Wear and Bring

If your bleeding is very heavy when it’s that time of the month, bring an extra underwear! I would also advise wearing sweatpants to practice or warming up for competition. Bring some black  undershorts for competition too!! If possible wear fight shorts over your singlet so you won’t bleed over the mats. 

Make sure your underwear is tight enough. If it’s not, wear spandex under your singlet. Wear something that is dark in color, that way nothing shows.

  • How to Tell Your Male Coach It’s That Time

If you feel embarrassed, don’t be! It may seem embarrassing at that moment, but it’s something many girl wrestlers go through. Simply suck it up and tell your coach that you have it. 

Freshman year, I got a very heavy period in the middle of my wrestling season. One of the boys noticed some of my blood stains on the white mat and puzzled over whose blood it was. I was mortified and embarrassed and there were not any other girls on the team to provide moral support. I had to tell my coach that I got my period and he was understanding of it.

  • Weight Gains

In your period you tend to gain weight making it harder to cut and manage. Some girls will only gain 2-3 pounds on their period. Others, however, can gain up to 5 pounds. Thus, it’s important to weigh yourself every day and make sure you do not gain too much. 


Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Etc. If you do find yourself having unbearable cramps, make sure you drink water and take one of these. It helps you feel better and eases your cramps. Drink a lot of water— water weight is easier to cut. Water also helps you feel less dehydrated. 

Replenish nutrients by eating nutrient-dense foods. Actually, when you get your period, your iron level drops as well. It’s important to not let your iron get dangerously low by taking some iron pills.

It might be really difficult for you right now. But I know–girl you got this! Go out there and kick some butts.

Rebecca Li

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am an 8th grader and the only girl on the team besides 2 little ones that are too young to get a period, so this really helps

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