How She Found Confidence In Wrestling-Aniah’s Story

All of the other wrestlers looked so much stronger and experienced than I was. My mindset was “just don’t get pinned”. I didn’t even allow myself the chance to think I had a possibility at winning. My matches came up and although I lost all of them that day(besides a forfeit with one of my opponents not showing up). I walked off the mats with the biggest smile on my face. I had my first real taste of the sport and I couldn’t wait to go again, to try something different, and to get better.

How To Get Better at Wrestling At Home (Covid-19)

However, it’s not the time to despair. Opportunities will come, and it is up to us to make sure we are prepared for it. As someone who has not been to real wrestling practice or a match in 10 months, I like to share some strategies that keep me mentally motivated and in shape for wrestling.
Keep up the routine
Strength training
Interval training
Grip Training
Mindset- Stay Sane
Watch some wrestling videos (or your old videos)
Drill Wrestling move
Get Creative