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What To Know Before Going to a Wrestling Camp

Summer is the time to go to wrestling camps and take your wrestling skills to another level. For those of us who have not been to a wrestling camp before, your first time may seem somewhat intimidating. After all, spending two or three days to a week in a different practice room is a pretty big change in environment. Additionally, you will have the chance to meet and be in contact with many different wrestlers and coaches during the camp.

How To Get Better at Wrestling At Home (Covid-19)

However, it’s not the time to despair. Opportunities will come, and it is up to us to make sure we are prepared for it. As someone who has not been to real wrestling practice or a match in 10 months, I like to share some strategies that keep me mentally motivated and in shape for wrestling.
Keep up the routine
Strength training
Interval training
Grip Training
Mindset- Stay Sane
Watch some wrestling videos (or your old videos)
Drill Wrestling move
Get Creative

10 Reasons Why You Should Join Girls Wrestling

1. Wrestling Brews Confidence
2. Wrestling Teaches You about Nutrition
3. Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with Wrestling
4. Wrestling Develops Grit
5. Wrestling Teaches Self Defense
6. No Fancy Equipment, Just Your Body
7. There’s a Weight Class For Every Body Type
8. Teamwork and Shared Experience
9. Women’s Wrestling is the Fastest Growing Emerging Sport
10. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits!

How To Join A Wrestling Team As A Girl In Middle Or High School? A Step By Step Guide

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Where is the Wrestling Room? Rebecca’s Story

I had no idea what the coach looked like, no idea who all the other wrestlers were, what’s more, I didn’t have a 100% certainty of where the wrestling room was located (Wrestling did feel like a Cool Kids’ secret club to me at that time). One that I did know, though: I want to be a wrestler.