The Ups and Downs of Wrestling | Zoey’s Story

My father took me to compete in tournaments very often as a little kid. Usually I would beat all the boys and stand on top of the podium. Winning made me proud and I always smiled with my CrAzY socks on.

Soon after that I was on my small high school’s wrestling team. Being a wrestler in a school that’s all about basketball wasn’t easy. The team got smaller and smaller. Some days I would walk into the practice room and have to wrestle someone many weight classes above me. That’s all we had.

Where is the Wrestling Room? Rebecca’s Story

I had no idea what the coach looked like, no idea who all the other wrestlers were, what’s more, I didn’t have a 100% certainty of where the wrestling room was located (Wrestling did feel like a Cool Kids’ secret club to me at that time). One that I did know, though: I want to be a wrestler.