Bella Heaney: “What is your name?”

Aurora Robins: “Aurora Robins”

Heaney: “How old are you?”

Robins: “7”

Heaney: “Where are you from?”

Robins: “St. Clair Missouri.”

Heaney: “What club do you wrestle for?”

Robins: “I have 2! The St. Clair Bulldogs Youth Wrestling Team, and Thoroughbred Wrestling Club.”

Heaney: “What have you accomplished so far in wrestling?”

Robins: “I’ve learned a lot. I won some matches this season, and I placed 4th in the Missouri Inaugural AAU girls state.”

Heaney: “What inspired you to wrestle?”

Robins: “Mostly me. I liked playing football and wanted to try something else; my big brother is a wrestler! Not many other girls wrestle so I want to help other girls try it! It’s a lot of fun!”

Heaney: “What is your goal in wrestling?”

Robins: “I want to get my first pin this season…I’d like to get 1st place in a tournament.”

Heaney: “What is a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?”

Robins: “I can beat my brother at wrestling! We don’t get to compete in matches, but at practice he almost never wins against me! I’m also a model and have been modeling professionally for 2 years!”

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