Interview With Kayleigh Savage

Bella Heaney: “What is your name?”

Kayleigh Savage: “Kayleigh Savage.”

Heaney: “How old are you?”

Savage: “18.”

Heaney: “Where are you from.”

Savage: “Ocean Springs, Mississippi” 

Heaney: “How long have you been wrestling for?”

Savage: “3 years!”

Heaney: “What club do you wrestle for?”

Savage: “St. Martin High School and Gulf Coast Wrestling Club!” 

Heaney: “What have you accomplished so far in wrestling?”

Savage: “I am a 2x (state) runner up, 1x south state champion, 2x team captain, as well as the first and currently only female to commit to wrestle in college from Mississippi!”

Heaney: “What is your favorite color?”

Savage: “Red.” 

Heaney: “Disney or Nickelodeon?”

Savage: “Disney.” 

Heaney: “Dream vacation?”

Savage: “Any state with a beach.” 

Heaney: “Favorite match?” Savage: “When I was 145 I wrestled 176 and won. I love it because I didn’t think I would win.”

Heaney: “What advice do you have for other girl wrestlers?” Savage: “Stay confident and don’t let others bring you down, and make you think you can’t do something.

Heaney: “What made you choose the college you did?”

Savage: “Close to home, great coaches, and the people are just so welcoming.

Heaney: “What’s it like to be the first from Mississippi to go to college for wrestling?”

Savage: “It feels amazing. It’s something I thought would never happen to me. It makes me feel good knowing I’m making a difference and showing that someone small can do something big!”

Heaney: “What is your favorite post weigh in food/drink?”

Savage: “Definitely nachos” 


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