What is a sports psychologist

A sports psychologist is someone who helps you to achieve your full potential by assessing the mental component of the sport

Why should you see a sports psychologist

It is said that 90% of wrestling is mental so in order to get to your full potential it is important to address the mental side of the sport!

What are the benefits

There are many benefits on seeing a sports psychologist:

  • better stress management
  • elevating performance
  • more confidence
  • more likely to achieve goals

How much do sports psychologists cost

They can cost anywhere between $100 all the way up to $5,000 depending on numerous factors

What are a couple examples

 Wrestling Mindset – a very well known program used by athletes of all levels – https://www.wrestlingmindset.com/

– Ben Kawczynski – a newer program that also includes nutrition – https://api.leadconnectorhq.com/widget/bookings/kawczynski-personal-training-1-1-call  –


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