Interview with Samantha Oliver

Bella Heaney: “What’s your name?”

Samantha Oliver: “Samantha Oliver.”

Heaney:  “How old are you?”

Oliver: “14.”

Heaney: “Where are you from?”

Oliver: “Georgetown, Kentucky”

Heaney: “How long have you been wrestling?”

Oliver: “7 months.”

Heaney: “What is your goal in wrestling?”

Oliver: “To win a few mathces this season.”

Heaney: “What is a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?”

Oliver: “I like to crochet.”

Heaney: “What is your favorite thing to make?”

Oliver: “Stuffed animals.”

Heaney: “What is your dream vacation?”

Oliver: “Alaskan cruise.”

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