What are the Alabama State Games?

The Alabama State Games are held every year and host a variety of different sports. The state games started in 1982 and Alabama’s state games started in 1983! Alabama’s is the second oldest just behind Massachusetts! 2023 was the 40th anniversary, there were more than 20 different sports at 18 venues, with about 3,800 athletes!

Why should I participate?

In 2023 the first girls divison at the tournament was offered, there were 242 girls, from several states. This means you will wrestle girls you do not see all the time and will allow you to wrestle new girls! They have satellite weigh ins at clubs in different areas easing the stress of traveling. The cost is low as well making it an easy way to get quality matches for a lower price then other tournaments! 

For Coaches

In 2024 there will be a all girls team duals! Bring your team for duals and the individual tournament! Teams from all states welcome as long as your school is apart of the NFHS! A whole weekend of wrestling and team bonding! Nothing could be better! Local hotels are available at a great rate!

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