Hitting wrestling plateau? (Tips on how to get unstuck)

By: Zoey Lints 

Many wrestlers come to a plateau after just reaching their peak. They don’t get shots anymore. They can’t lose weight anymore. They get nervous. With just a few changes and a positive outlook, these problems won’t occur. Here is what works for me:

Problem Losing Weight? 

I’ve been wrestling for about 10 years and still have trouble losing weight. Keep in mind, losing weight for wrestling is not a must. What is important, though, is making sure you have a healthy meal plan to follow each week. 

The main thing that helps me lose weight is working out after or before my meals. I will either do a HIIT workout, or go on a run before my meals. My wrestling practice at the end of the day burns a lot of calories as well. Overall, don’t fret about losing weight. If you are a good wrestler you should be able to excel in whatever weight class you are in. 

Your shots aren’t working? 

If your shot isn’t getting you two points anymore, it’s time to adjust your technique. I often tell my coach what happens in situations like this, and he helps me fix it. Another option is to try out a new move. Make sure you practice the correct form before you start drilling for fast reps. 


Every wrestler gets nervous before their match, even if they don’t say they do. If you are nervous before your match, I suggest blasting music in your headphones. Get pumped up! A way that I ease my nerves is by visualizing the match that is about to happen. I visualize myself winning. It’s a 1 v 1 out there so you might as well give it your all. 

You keep losing? 

Let’s imagine one loss after another. You keep losing. Every time you check your record there is another loss logged in. You cry about it, “I’m so bad, I’ll never win.” Now think. Telling yourself these negative thoughts after losing is a loss. You did lose, and you deserved to. 

Instead, turn this loss into a win. Think to yourself “What can I improve on?” Ask a coach or teammate why your moves aren’t working. Find out what’s wrong and fix it. If you fix what happens in your matches after every loss, as time goes on you will make less and less mistakes. 

As my coach says, you learn more from your losses than your wins, so make sure to utilize them well to improve.

Rebecca Li

People Aren’t Supporting You? 

Yes, it would be amazing for your parents, siblings, or loved ones to support you, but if they don’t, with all due respect who cares? It is you against the world out there. Is your mom going to wrestle overtime for you? No, you are. No one needs to believe in you, except yourself. You need to show up for yourself. Loving yourself and what you do is automatically going to make you a better wrestler. Your confidence increases, you wrestle more fluently, and most importantly, when you know you can win, you own the mat. So, go ahead and lay in bed crying all day because people don’t believe in you, or invest it yourself. 

Whenever you struggle in wrestling, find ways to become a better wrestler, rather than moping. This makes you not only a great wrestler, but it sets up a mindset that doesn’t let you give up. 

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