Girls in wrestling huge interview

An Interview With Girl Wrestlers 50 states, 50 girls 2 questions 100 answers. The questions are: “What inspired you to wrestle?” and “What is your goal in wrestling?” Nova Scotia was also interviewed! Alabama Name: Niya Turner What inspired you to wrestle?: “My stepdad inspired me to wrestle.” What is your goal in wrestling?: “To …

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Interview with 7 year old model and wrestler

Interview Bella Heaney: “What is your name?” Aurora Robins: “Aurora Robins” Heaney: “How old are you?” Robins: “7” Heaney: “Where are you from?” Robins: “St. Clair Missouri.” Heaney: “What club do you wrestle for?” Robins: “I have 2! The St. Clair Bulldogs Youth Wrestling Team, and Thoroughbred Wrestling Club.” Heaney: “What have you accomplished so …

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Girl Pins Boy in High School Wrestling

Matches from this era show a wide variety of results, some very positive and some very negative. In this example from my home state of California from the 2000’s, the boy’s frustration is evident for the entire match and he pushes his girl opponent likely out of hostility because he is unable to even get close to take a shot. Some may argue that he already knows his opponent is stronger and a better wrestler than he is, so he is only prolonging the inevitable. He will lose this match and there is no way to escape it…

How to Benefit the Most From a Wrestling Practice

If you want to be a better wrestler, you must learn how to benefit from every practice. Going through the repetition of a practice is impactful. Then, use the information you have learned from practice because it will be game-changing for your wrestling career. Asking coaches specific questions on moves will further your thinking and give you a new perspective. It may seem embarrassing to get help at practice, but it’s only making you better. Lastly, journaling what you have learned after practice gives you the option to never forget that skill. This may mean doing more, but you’re a wrestler. Wrestlers do more, we work for what we want.

What To Know Before Going to a Wrestling Camp

Summer is the time to go to wrestling camps and take your wrestling skills to another level. For those of us who have not been to a wrestling camp before, your first time may seem somewhat intimidating. After all, spending two or three days to a week in a different practice room is a pretty big change in environment. Additionally, you will have the chance to meet and be in contact with many different wrestlers and coaches during the camp.

How to Deal with Burnout

How to Deal with Burnout By Bella Heaney Burnout can be described as a physical/emotional exhaustion of an area that was previously a big part of your life. A loss of passion may be felt by an individual with burnout. Anyone can get burnout even professional athletes and Olympians, but what should you know if …

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